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Ag Remedy Leave On Mist 148 ML

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Product Details
Brand: AG
Hair Need: Frizz Control
Can be Shipped: No


Experience the magic of hair transformation with Remedy Leave-On Mist, a hair elixir crafted with over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients. Say goodbye to tangled, frizzy hair and hello to radiant shine, pH balance, and a new level of hair health. Remedy is your secret to effortlessly beautiful hair, no matter your hair type, and it's perfect for those with color-treated locks.

What Makes Remedy Extraordinary:

  • Plant-Powered Perfection: Remedy boasts a formulation that's over 98% derived from plant-based ingredients. You can feel good about what you're putting on your hair.
  • Detangling Marvel: Tangled hair is a thing of the past. Remedy effortlessly detangles your locks, leaving them smooth and manageable.
  • Frizz Fighter: Bid adieu to frizz that ruins your hairstyle. Remedy takes control, keeping your hair sleek and frizz-free.
  • Shine Booster: Your hair deserves to shine! Remedy adds a luminous sheen that makes your locks look healthy and vibrant.
  • pH Balancer: Achieve the ideal pH balance for your hair, closing and sealing the cuticle. This helps lock in color, leaving your hair noticeably softer and more vibrant.
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